Enhance ROI and the Value of Your Brand

A well-regarded brand enhances the value of the business and its product offerings. That’s not just the opinion of creative designers. Increasingly hard-headed accountants and business analysts factor the value of brands into balance sheets for the serious business of mergers and acquisitions.

Public Impact Branding Services

A brand is more than a logo and a name. At the very least the brand should embody your ethos and at its most effective the brand is a powerful tool for business organisation. Public Impact is a creative agency that provides branding consultancy and design services to enable business, organisations and individuals to define, manage and better communicate their brands. We develop brands for all kinds of organisations - corporate brands, brands for products and services, either individually or as 'families'. We also work on personal brands - advice for public figures and individuals on how they present themselves and develop their public persona.

Developing a Brand

Successful, strong branding embodies the personality and values of the organisation, the ideas, the products and services. Public Impact works with the culture of your organisation to create brands that embody the personality of business, the benefits of products and the aspirations of customers and supporters. Our collaborative approach to projects promotes internal buy-in, our creativity and business skill creates visually exciting and practical, manageable identities. READ MORE ABOUT DEVELOPING BRANDS >>

Brand Strategy

The last thing we would do is to change a successful, well designed brand for the sake of it. Brand assets can embody real value but they can also have potential value locked away. A clear brand development strategy assesses the potential of the brand, sets aims, objectives and tactics for the promotion and enhancement of the brand providing a clear route to deliver enhanced brand asset value and ROI on brand investment. READ MORE ABOUT BRAND STRATEGY >>

Re-brand or Refresh?

When the brand needs a facelift, an update or a wholesale re-working Public Impact defines the route to the new brand. We don’t just present you with a choice of new logos, we carry out analysis of existing brand value and the business context of the re-brand. We advise on the best way to carry the positives of your existing brand to your new brand and provide a clear route to the timing and implementation of the changes. IS IT TIME TO REFRESH OR TO REBRAND - READ MORE>>

Baseline the brand 

How effective is your branding? Is your brand working for you? What are the 10 steps you could easily take to make your branding more effective? These and many more questions can be answered by auditing the brand and establishing a baseline for further work. 

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