Digital Design and Content

Public Impact has designed websites since the first generation of visually-rich web. One thing we have learned is that today’s soaring technology eagle can become tomorrow’s digital dead duck. But while it is wise to question the shelf life of any technology moving with the trends dominating the market is essential to the success of most businesses. We help businesses make their way through the forest of digital trends to climb the trees that matter.

Digital marketing agency services

Public Impact offers digital marketing services in-depth from strategy to delivery. We collaborate with and mentor your staff to devise and deliver your campaigns and offer ‘out-of-house’ contacted services to deliver on-going programmes on time and on budget. 

Social media marketing

Social networks present opportunities and challenges for marketing staff, businesses and individual communicators. Public Impact advises on and helps establish strategic approaches to marketing on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We devise and implement social media content plans, advise on integrating social media marketing into your overall marketing strategy including assessing and providing the training your staff may need, help you plan and develop the profile of your brands with images, infographics and video content for social media. 

Integrated digital marketing and content strategy

It is easy to get moving quickly with many different digital marketing tactics. Easy but not always wise and just because it if ‘free’ doesn’t mean there is no cost involved because time is money and staff have to be paid. The fact is with a clearly defined strategy that builds in the measurement of success, the assessment and re-evaluation of tactics you are far more likely to produce sustained success for your brands. It’s true that some businesses succeed without strategies in place but those that sustain success plan for it. Public Impact has helped organisations large and small define their goals, tactics, messages and marketing plans to sell products and services, grow business and produce sustained return on investment.