Since the 1990s Public Impact has worked with clients across different business sectors helping businesses and government bodies to hold conversations with target audiences. Whatever your type of business and whether you are after brand, customer, stakeholder or workforce engagement we can help you move forward together.

We work with our clients to develop engagement strategies that innovate, inspire and drive business growth and service improvement. We help you discover the motivation of your audiences – customers, workforces, stakeholders and sections of the public. Our skill is understanding the political, community and competitive backdrop against which our clients function. This enables us to assess the situations, opportunities and risks that are likely to arise and to develop individual solutions that leverage advantages and mitigate problems.

Our team is drawn from political, business and media backgrounds with experience of planning, transport, energy, technology, telecommunications, health and education.

Our independence is our great strength. The advice we offer is honest and our research objective. It enables us to have open honest conversations with target audiences and reveal the truth desired by our clients. We believe that, in business as in life, your friends are the people you tell you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

From there we can form a plan and move forward together

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