Workforce and Stakeholder Engagement

Public Impact provides independent consultation and engagement with staff groups and with stakeholders in the business of the organisation. We work with clients to establish clear engagement objectives and to set the context for stakeholder communications. Research either provides a baseline for the measurement of future performance or measures performance against existing data.

How do we address statutory obligations and business stakeholders?

Every organisation operating in the public domain has a different set of statutory or community obligations: politicians, volunteers, service users and partners. Every business has a range of stakeholders dependent on the market sectors in which they operate: suppliers, regulators, partners and customers. A variety of techniques for stakeholders of different types can be recommended depending on the engagement objectives and the target audience.

We work closely with clients to develop engagement programmes that are transparent and demonstrate both involvement and action on the basis of stakeholder feedback. In doing so we ensure that business priorities are maintained and enhanced through partnership. 

Qualified facilitators and bespoke programmes

Qualified facilitators develop and conduct bespoke discussion sessions and focus groups structured to address client priorities. Conference and seminar presentations are developed to ensure that corporate objectives are communicated effectively.

Stakeholder and workplace feedback from events and programmes is documented and compiled into reports to the client providing an evidence base for the development of internal and external communication and partner development strategies.