Would you work for nothing?

Would you work for nothing? We just love this video by Canadian agency Zulu Alpha Kilo. It’s funny and it sums up the kind of nonesense that we folks in the creative industries have to put up with all the time.

Watch it here:

I’ve often asked people who ask things like, “if you do some examples for us and we change our mind will we still have to pay”, this question:

“If you got in a taxi and decided to turn round and go back do you think you would have to pay the fare?”, or
“If you went to Sainsbury’s and bought a pie do you think they would give you your money back once you had eaten it?”

Sadly creative industries, who base their models on time, spend real money creating pitches – you’ve seen Mad Men, haven’t you? OK maybe you haven’t, but the point is Big Advertising with money to burn create this stiuation and it suits them because it keeps everyone else out of the market.

Complaining? I guess we are. But, ok then, tell us. Would YOU work for nothing?

Thought not!

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