Media skills for leaders

Full day course: £350 plus VAT

Leading any organisation in a modern business environment requires a working knowledge of the media. Leading effectively involves shaping the media agenda and working alongside seasoned media professionals within and outside your organisation.

This course provides the armoury of skills needed to face the media with energy, enthusiasm and confidence. It provides the working knowledge and practical skills to make a leading input and to play your role in the corporate media framework.

What you will learn

You will learn how to command the confidence and respect of your media professionals and use their skills to best effect in supporting you in driving the business forward.

You will gain or hone the practical interview and media handling skills necessary to front the organisation and understand how to spot and deal with the traps laid by journalists through conventional and social media situations.

Course content

  • How to plan a news agenda
  • The importance of key messages
  • What makes a story
  • What ‘written word’ journalists need
  • How to get the best from your communications team
  • How to prepare for a broadcast interview
  • Essential interview techniques
  • Personal presentation tips
  • 10 Tips and tricks for digital media
  • The importance and use of media protocols
  • Defining your role in a crisis

Who should attend?

  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Heads of Service
  • Business Leaders and Owners
  • Cabinet Councillors

How the course works

The day is conducted as a series of workshops and practical exercises with feedback and group critique. 

On the basis of scenarios supplied in advance you will conduct several interviews for written and broadcast formats. Scenarios are based on the business you are in and your skills are assessed in advance based on a questionnaire we supply enabling us to tailor the course to your experience and requirements.

What you will receive

In advance of the course you will receive scenarios that will be used on the day for which you will need to prepare.

Where and when

Contact us for details

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced media professionals and qualified tutors.

Each brings direct personal experience of communications leadership and hands on communications practice.