5 essential Instagram tips

Driven by the increased numbers of smartphone users the image-based social network, Instagram, has now reached 200 million active users, sharing 60miliion photos a day.

The reach of Instagram, in particular in the USA, means that major brands are taking the network seriously. Instagram is fast overtaking other visual content networks like Flickr, Tumblr and Pinterest, its ethos is somewhat different but this gives it immense appeal in youth-oriented markets.  Lifestyle businesses without an Instagram account are already behind the curve, but any business can benefit from Instagram as part of their content marketing mix.

To make sure you’re using this social media platform to grow your business and generate more leads, Here are four essential instagram tips to make an impact:

1. Have a call to action in your bio (profile description)

Before thinking about your Instagram content, think about your profile. Your profile description is as important as having a well presented logo or bang-on-brand profile picture. The description, limited to 150 characters, should include a call to action and use hashtags. ie. #finedining #food #Londonrestaurants #indianfood. Book now at www.20centraj.com.”

2. Use photo & video apps to brand your images

There are great applications such as PicPlayPost and iMovie to edit videos. PhotoCollage, PicLab and PicsArt have the features you need to place your logo on the images.

3. Promote your Instagram post on other social media

Using Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin amplifies the reach of your Instagram marketing. Don’t just use text – post the image too sometimes to give viewers a flavour.

You can use an embed code found on your picture from the desktop version (not from your phone). From your phone you can use the ‘Share’ option to post to your Facebook profile or the pages you manage. You may also select to share your post on Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr. Use text that draws the reader to your feed – “more at Instagram @20centraj”, for example.


Images from Public Impact’s Instagram – follow us @publicimpact

4. Direct your Instagram to your website

Each of your posts should direct back to your website with a call to action.

5. Stay cool, think square

Remember, Instagram images post 620 pixels square – so you are going to have to crop many of your images. There’s an art to a good crop, but it always helps to ‘think square’ when you are taking the image. This can be harder than you might think – years of using SLR and rangefinder style digital cameras may have formed rectangular ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ habits that your brain will follow without conscious thought. Ironically for such an ‘instant’ medium, old school users of Hassleblad, Rolliflex and other fabulously expensive square format machines have a distinct advantage.

Also remember that Instagram is relentlessly mobile – it’s a pain to post from your desktop PC, but a breeze from your smartphone or tablet.

And of course Instagram is social media – so the same rules apply – stay on brand, formulate and implement an Instagram Strategy, be careful of that damaging image and share, share, share.

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