Communications Skills for Managers

Full day course - £275

The more effective your communication skills the more effective a manager you will become. The fact is while job specifications talk of requiring ‘excellent communication skills’ developing those skills is often left to chance. This course is aimed at creating good practice in communication from the bottom up and ensuring that you have the confidence and knowledge to make you a better communicator.

What you will learn

You will learn the techniques for getting your point across, involving your team in the communications process and ensuring that feedback is given and received. You will know how to run meetings, get the right results and ensure that those attending feel involved.

Course content

  • Running a meeting
  • Telling a story
  • Leading a discussion
  • Presentation tools
  • Listening to your team
  • Providing feedback
  • Bringing bad news

Who should attend

  • Junior managers
  • Middle managers
  • Owner managers
  • Department heads
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors

How the course works

The course is conducted through a combination of workshops, simulation exercises and practice sessions with one-to-one feedback and coaching.

What you will receive

You will receive some exercises in advance of the course – the preparation shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.

You will also receive ourse notes in ebook format and a certificate of attendance.

Where and when

Contact us for details

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced communication professionals and qualified tutors.

Each brings direct personal experience of communications leadership and hands on communications practice.