Speaking and Presenting to an Audience

Full day course: £325

There is no reason why speaking in front of an audience needs to a terrifying experience - for the  audience as well as the speaker.

With the right coaching and skills training speaking is just another routine function.

The fact is that speaking in front of an audience is not a ‘gift’ but a learnt skill with a number of key principles and tried and tested techniques that most people can learn. Knowing this enables the great platform speakers to overcome fear and turn nerves to their advantage.

What you will learn

This course will give you an insight into these techniques and help you arrive at a method of preparation and practice that works for you.

It will give you a series of methods for small and large audiences, for formal and informal presentations, deal with questions and ensure visual aids help rather than hinder your message

Course content

  • How to prepare.
  • Scoping the room and the audience.
  • Getting into the space and using the ‘fear’
  • Structuring the presentation
  • Using notes and scripts
  • Death by PowerPoint and how to avoid it
  • On brand, on message – who you represent and how to project
  • Breaking the ice with an audience
  • Body language
  • Projection and microphone technique
  • Dealing with questions

Who should attend

Anyone who has to address large or small groups in formal or informal settings, such as:

  • Directors and Senior Managers
  • Senior Officers and Cabinet Members
  • Business leaders
  • Senior Sales
  • Key Spokespeople

How the course works

The course is interactive and will enable you to learn from yourself and from others. You will get the opportunity to practice your presentation and see them for yourself.

What you will receive

  • Before the course you will receive a brief from which you will be asked to prepare and deliver a short speech
  • Course notes
  • Certificate of attendance

Where and when

Contact us for details

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced speakers and qualified tutors. Each brings direct personal experience of speaking to audiences in high pressure situations.