Planning and Implementing Public Engagement

Full day course: £350

The tools and methods to ensure that your consultations reach beyond the loudest voices.

Public and stakeholder engagement can prove to be high risk with outcomes that and uncontrolled and controversial issues left hanging.

What you will learn

This course provides communications and marketing professionals with a structured approach to developing engagement programmes that mesh with corporate objectives and deliver genuine, credible conversations. The course will enable you to identify the opportunities in engagement, how best they can be leveraged and risks mitigated.

Course content

  • How to define your objectives
  • How to structure an engagement campaign
  • How to identify the right stakeholders
  • How to engage elected representatives
  • How to reach the silent majority
  • How to engage hard to reach groups
  • How to select a sample
  • How to build alliances
  • How to measure your outcomes

Who should attend

  • Cabinet councillors and leaders
  • Service managers
  • Transformation change managers
  • Communications managers and officers

How the course works

The course uses a workshop format with discussion and problem solving exercises based on real scenarios to draw out the essential elements of promoting effective public engagment.

What you will receive

  • An ‘action pack’
  • Full course notes in eBook format
  • A consultation number for 12 months

Where and when

Contact us for details

Our trainers

Our facilitators are qualified trainers and experienced public engagement professionals with hands-on experience of best practice and of delivering positive outcomes for clients.