Personal Projection Masterclass

Full day course: £475

As a leader within and outside your organisation your persona on an event platform is an invaluable opportunity to project the brand and to impress clients and partners alike.

Speaking to an audience is a learned skill not a gift. This course sets out to help turn your already competent presenting ability into a highly developed personal style that exceeds the expectations of the audience, inspires your staff or members and enhances the message and brand you are seeking to project.

What you will learn

You will learn a great deal about yourself from the rigorous analysis of your performance. You will learn how to modify your style and develop exercises to modify your voice. You will understand the importance of rehearsal and developing key ‘soundbites’ within your presentation that reflect the brand you are seeking to project. Most of all you will learn how to develop your own performance method that addresses weaknesses and builds upon your natural strengths.

Course content

  • Expectations and outcomes.
  • What does the audience see
  • Preparation and rehearsal
  • Presentation structure
  • Building empathy with your audience
  • Pitch your message at different audiences.
  • Humour – what for, when and how
  • What will they remember?
  • Posture, projection and emphasis.
  • Questions and interruptions.
  • Using visuals and presentation technology.
  • Is there a camera and what does it mean.
  • To see ourselves as others see us.

Who should attend

Good public speakers who want to be great public speakers:

  • Business owners and leaders
  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Local government and political leaders

How the course works

The numbers on this course are restricted guaranteeing a high level of feedback and one-to-one coaching. Our experts provide a rigorous critique of your performance aimed at building on positives and eliminating elements that can detract from your message. The emphasis is practical and enables the participant to learn a series of techniques within a holistic approach that builds on and enhances individual style.

What you will receive

In advance you will receive a brief for two short presentations that you will deliver at the event.

At the event you will receive course notes and afterwards you will receive video feedback on presentations.

You will also receive a certificate of attendance.

Where and when

Contact us for details.

One-to-one versions of this masterclass are available and can be delivered in context of rehearsal for major presentations.

Our trainers

Our trainers are qualified facilitators and experienced public speakers who have addressed and won over all sorts of audiences.